Bridging Loans

We specialise in arranging short-term finance (Bridging loans) for residential and commercial property purposes within the UK.

What is a Bridging Loan?

A Bridging loan is short term finance borrowed to bridge the gap between your cash flow needs and completing a property deal. They are typically aquired for a short term until replaced by long term finance such as, a mortgage, sale of the property, or by another viable exit route e.g., the sale of second property or other assets.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to raise finance quickly and with flexibility, it’s a short-term loan secured against a property temporarily. The loan can be arranged for a term of just a few weeks to 24 months.

Because bridging finance is a short-term loan facility, interest rates are generally higher than that of a long-term loan, or mortgage. They also come with arrangement fees, and in many cases, exit fees which can be built into the loan agreement.

Interest on a bridging loan can often be calculated on a “interest roll-up” basis or added to the loan and taken upfront by the lender based on the loan term. If the loan is paid back before the loan expiry date, interest is refunded to reflect this. Therefore, the borrower only pays interest on the amount of loan that has been drawn down from the facility.

We can arrange a Bridging Loan to assist you with;

Property & Land Purchase

Property & Land Development

Property Refurbishment 

Restructuring existing finance

Business Development

Business Expansion

Bridge To Let

Development Exit

Bridging Loans up to 70% of property value.